Turin Table- Performance Art Week, 19-24.02

Wonderful project organised by Lucia Brico. We were performing at the Torino University alone and together with 90 students from anthropology department, on the streets, at the Turin table, at the shelter, having a seminar.
Unfortunately after 3days and already I got 39 degrees temperature and a cough and I couldn't paricipate in the whole event. But I crossed my boundaries and feverishly occurred at the seminar at the Philoshophy Department at Torino University. Although I do not know if it was wise, with a fever, shaking.
However the most exciting was the participation in the "Costruirre Belleza" project in the space made avaiable by the difficulty adult service of the city of Turin. There was no border between a homeless person, aprofessor, a student. I held back the tears of emotion seeing all these people with with a flash of hope and happiness in their eyes. I wasn't able to do more than to join the kitchen staff and help them prepare the meal for the whole group (around 40 people), there were also vegeterian and vegan options!
Thank you all my Turin friends. :)
more infos:

Artist: Lucia Bricco, Florence Lam, Andriy Helytovych, Ola Kozioł, Nika López, Federica Peyrolo, Thomas Reul, Matteo Rovesciato, Elena Tortia 
Text and critic: Francesca Lilli  
Collaborations: Valentina Porcellana, Tiziana Andina, Davide Dal Sasso, Vera Tripoli, University of Turin

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