PARABIOSIS - communication and coexistance, Chonqging Contemporary Art Museum, Chiny


"Floofy on a farm"

"Homo cantans"

I present this 3 pieces as one, clueing them all with a text. I'm writing with earth taken from the streets of Chongqing.
The text is special for me.  In my daily life  I am trying to put assumptions written out into action.

homo cantans - performance, photography Barbara Kubska, Katowice, Poland, 2014
Thousands of years ago, before humans learned to speak, survival necessitated that they learn the sounds of nature. Humans were attentive to the singing wind, whispering leaves and the talking soil. This is how they knew wheteher to expect water or animals to come. They reacted to those sounds, responded, talked to trees and to everything that was alive. They listened. Action was supposed to transfer me back to a singing and listening human. I am certain that the world of nature can tell us a lot; it communicates something to us all the time, and sometimes it resorts to shouting through natural disasters. We know the least about the things that happen to be around all the time, but are completely covered by what we already know about the world. The more we know about the world, the less we are able to see where this knowledge comes from, where the source is.

songbook, 2014
"Songbook" is a visual and sound story about meeting with oneself, with a fellow human and with a nature. It was created during the hiking tours across Poland (over 450km) and travel to Armenia (August 2014). In this alone walk through Poland I've asked strangers, people met on my way if they could give me a place to sleep.
Duration: 27'31
Global crises: political, economical, ecological and the crisis of awereness and sence are in my opinion result from the lack of respect to ourselves and surrounding nature. We live in a break-through moment, in which there is a need to redefine who we are. We should expand our identity, so that it was possible for us to see the entirety of humanity as our sisters and brothers here on Earth, to see others creatures as part of our evolutionary family, and the bioshere as our common home.

Floofy on a farm, 2015
piece of registration of a performance with animals during my stay in Derry in Ireland in April 2015.I am dressed in an artificial fur, trying to get any connections with animals from the farm (donkeys, pigs, ponys, hens). The performance last an hour.
camera: James King


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