Ćwiczenia z przetrwania/Exercises in survival - 02.2017_ PRZEPRASZAM

When you turn up the music, you start speaking more loudly. When you are in a busy city area, you need to use stronger sound intensity to make communication possible. We start shouting and the chaos gets greater.
Additionally, we are attacked from everywhere, from the press, television, the Internet, suffocating in 'the smog' of the meaningless content. Submitting to this trend causes the intensification of the problem and increases the chaos.
In our performance, we propose an alternative approach to the problem.
Acting the other way round, thinking in the utopian way, if we all start turning ourselves down, the chaos will start weakening. The chaos will need to ease off itself to be able to hear our sounds, our message. The chaos will learn to hear. And then we have got the chance to learn to hear as well. We will hear each other. This can turns out to be the best weapon in the fight with 'the smog', 'the occupier' who blurs, trivialises and waters down the core of coexistence. Through the repetitiveness of the activity, we want to get the state close to meditation in order to bring out the essence and the value of the message. It is the time to focus on what we hear inside us, who we are, what we have got to convey and how to find in 'the smog' the consonance with surroundings.
Performance created for the exhibition "Silence" at Group Global 3000, Berlin
Duration: 40 minutes



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